Our Services are tailored to your needs and requirement to ensure that your company remains sustainable over time.

Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Management System Implementation (HSE-MS)

En-pact Solutions provides a framework for the management of all aspects of project development, by implementing processes and tools to facilitate HSE management in the workplace. This includes development of policies, procedures/manual/checklist. ESL also carries out consultation, implementation and monitoring of work processes.

Training & Capacity Building

En-pact Solutions promotes sustainable business strategies by providing trainings, education and awareness. We build Health, Safety and Environmental capacity to ensure a proactive culture is maintained.

Waste Management & Recycling

En-pact Solutions promotes waste reduction initiatives for clients, preferring environmental friendly waste disposal methods and implementing recycling schemes.Our major recycling initiatives are:

• Waste to wealth
• PET to PET
• Paper recycling and a host of others.

Procurement & Supply Chain Support

En-pact Solutions provides advisory for organizations' procurement of good and services provided by vendors and subcontractors. Involved in technical bid evaluations and contractor selection process to ensure the supplier meets up with the required safety health and environmental requirement and to provide sustainable product and services with little or no environmental impact.

Sustainability & Climate Change

En-pact Solutions provides sustainable solutions for organizations to integrate into their business strategies thereby promoting greener initiatives.

Social/ Health/Environmental Impact Assessment

En-pact Solutions assist clients in the management and monitoring of environmental, social and health aspects during project execution and providing environmental impact assessment services.

Carbon Asset Management & Renewable

En-pact Solutions explores the renewable energy and environmental markets, interpreting, providing insights and comprehensive financial solutions to influence investment and trading decisions. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Carbon Asset Management, Carbon and Water Footprint, REDD and Carbon Emission trading.

Safety, Health & Environmental Audits / Due Diligence

En-pact Solutions conducts evaluation of work processes and system implemented through scheduled audits, walk through, reviews and gap analysis to provide management verified feedback of actual practice and equipment in operations.

Risk Assessment & Management

En-pact Solutions identifies and manage risk associated with activities and processes, 3with the aim of zero harm to people, assets and the environment using tools such as HAZID, HAZOP, RA reviews, HSE Case, Process Safety Management (PSM) to mention a few.

Environmental Management Systems

• Environmental and Social Impact
• Assessment and Management Plans
• Baseline Monitoring and Management Services
• Environmental Audit
• Waste Management Services
•Climate Change & Energy Management
• Risk Assessment & Management
• Site Investigation & Remediation

Environmental Consulting for Projects

We provide environmental services throughout the project cycle from the planning throughout to the decommissioning stages. Environmental decisions at any phase of the project are important determinants of the project outcome. Our team provide technical and cost-effective environmental solutions to our clients in various industries namely oil and gas, power, financial and chemical among others.

  • Conceptual and Engineering Design Stages: integrating with design team and sponsors to provide environment support in appreciating and accepting regulatory compliance philosophy.
  • Planning Stages: assist in providing environmental evaluation at the early stages of project development namely site characterization and selection, baseline study, potential current and future risks, and waste management. Also proving supervision during the construction phase.
  • Operations Stage: providing environmental services that are operations phase specific. These services include environmental monitoring systems; compliance monitoring and reporting, evolving environmental concerns and proffering cost-effective solutions.
  • Decommissioning Stage: providing environmental professional services related to decommissioning phase. The related services include, but not limited to restoration planning, site assessments, site remediation, and regulatory permitting approval. In addition, our team provides associated risk and liability assessments for the prospective facility in case of resale and re-use.

In summary, our company would provide a suite of professional related services including:

  • Environmental Strategy and Planning
  • Regulatory Administration and Approval
  • Environmental Baseline Assessments
  • Environmental Management and Audits
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Liability Assessments
  • Environmental Monitoring and Compliance Reporting